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Product Portraits

Design and locations inspire photo artist Huub Smits. His Product Portraits arise after research on the relationship between the main object and its surroundings. With a free and independent approach his ‘model’ is included in an unexpected context.
No studio, no digital editing, no application as intended by the designer. Something new is created. Beyond glossy advertising photography.
Smits: “It’s about the magic of the moment when object and location come together. I leave room for viewers to create their own stories”.


About Huub Smits

Short bio
Huub Smits (NL, Nijmegen, 1967) is an independent photography artist. Studies Industrial Design for a year in Belgium. Discovers his passion for photography while studying Graphic Design at the Art Academy in Den Bosch. In his Product Portraits, after all these years design and photography come together.
Smits: “Absolutely fascinating, how almost everything we see and use every day was once ‘just’ a dream in someone’s head.”

Product Portrait exhibitions:
– Yksi Eindhoven
– Den Bosch Library
– 2 shows @ Dutch Design Week 2014:

  • “Product Portraits 2007-2014” @ Schellensfabriek | Eindhoven city centre
  • “Dutch Design crowdfunding” @ Seats2Meet | Strijp-S Eindhoven


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